Property Management Packages

Management Packages

Full Property Management Services

          We manage all aspects of tenant placement and monthly rent collections along with property care and maintenance including:

  • Advertising of the vacant property, criminal checks, previous rental history checks, and the applicant's employment status.
  • On the owner's behalf we will negotiate rental agreements, collect rental fees and security deposits, issue keys to the tenants and make sure the keys are returned once the tenant leaves.
  • We will perform a drive by inspection of the property monthly and will perform a bi-yearly walk-through inspection of the property. Any required repairs or maintenance will be reported to either the tenant or the landlord, depending on whose responsibility it is to perform the repair or maintenance. This is done with the hope of catching minor issues before they become major, expensive issues.
  • Upon the tenants moving out and before new tenants move in we have available our rental property preperation services to prepare the unit for rental (these costs will be deducted from either the owner's reserve fund, or the previous tenants security deposit depending on the circumstances).
  • Tenants will be served with notices as provided in the landlord tenant law for any violation of their rental agreement including late rent. We are experienced in eviction and provide this service free of charge.  (All filing and court fees are the responsiblity of the owner.)
  • Arrange, manage, and pay for all needed repairs and maintenance (all costs over the owner's reserve fund must be authorized by the owner and paid for by the owner).
  • Each quarter the owner will receive a record of receipts, disbursements and an income and expense report. Included will be copies of all work orders and paid invoices associated with your property along with your monthly check.

Vacation/Property Safeguard

  • We offer this package to you as an alternative to renters or house sitters.
  • Property Safeguard attempts to take the worry out of you leaving your property while you are on vacation or away for extended periods of time. For a monthly fee we will make bi-weekly walks around your house to make sure it is secure.
  • We will pick up your mail (or we can have it forwarded to our office), check the plumbing and see that all doors and windows are secure. We will check all heating and ventilation systems to make sure they are working properly.
  • We will schedule lawn maintenance. Other requested services may be provided for an additional fee.

Tenant Placement Only

  • In this package we will find a tenant, screen the tenant for you, collect first months rent and security deposit (equal to one months rent), and hand them over to the landlord with the signed lease.
  • The landlord will then assume all subsequent property management responsibilities and activities.
  • We cover the cost of advertising your property, screening the tenant, photographs, placing it on our website, drive time, and the general administration costs associated with this package.

Other Services

  • For an additional fee, we will pay your mortgage, property taxes, and home insurance (fees will be negotiated depending on owner's requirements).





How can I as a landlord best prepare my rental property?

  • Before putting a property on the market for rent clean in thoroughly. This will reveal any work that might need to be done to the floors, windows or walls. If there are any leaks in the roof, plumbing etc it would also be a good time to repairs these.
  • Make all the needed repairs so that your property is as attractive and marketable as possible and note any damage that will not be repaired.
  • If your property has a septic tank we recommend that you have it pumped especially if it has not been pumped in a while or you are unsure when it was last pumped.
  • If you have expensive furniture, appliances, etc we recommend you put them in storage and replace them with less expensive items. This will limit you losses and protect your valuables.
  • Any china, crystal, photos, books, and anything else that you might be concerned about getting damaged by tenants we also recommend you put in storage.
  • It is recommended that you have a hot water heater, range, and a refrigerator for the tenants to use.
  • Although most rentals do not have washing machines and dryers these added amenities could make your property just that little bit more attractive to a perspective renter.
  • It is also helpful if you can tell us what your average monthly utility costs are as this is often a question that tenants ask when looking for rental property. If you do not know these costs we will find them out from the local utility companies.
  • Install smoke detectors in all appropriate rooms and test them to make sure they are working.
  • Place one or more fire extinguishers in the house. They should be in an easy to access area fully charged and ready for use with how to use instructions.
  • We also suggest that you establish and maintain public liability insurance. This insurance will cover all risks arising from the rental of the property, and will protect the owner.
  • It is also recommended that the owner establish a fire insurance policy.

All these services we can provide in our property preparation package, which is custom priced per each property.